Book Group

New Book Time!

We are choosing a new book for Book Group. Here are the options we are considering. Please let me know which book you are voting for us to read. (Click on the blue title and it should take you to the amazon page for each book if you want to read more about the books before voting.) Also, I am glad to place one big Amazon order if it easier for you if I order the book. Make sure to let me know if you want me to include you in my order. 

Here are the options:

Here and Now - Living in the Spirit  by Henri Nouwen

A second book by Henri Nouwen about Spiritual Living. Not a faint memory, but happening right here and now, spiritual living takes place in the present; the Spirit meets us in the ordinary. These inspirational reflections by Henri Nouwen succeed in convincing us that God’s presence is reliable.

A Circle of Quiet by Madeline L’Engle

A journal with personal reflections about life and faith. This journal shares fruitful reflections on life and career prompted by the author's visit to her personal place of retreat near her country home.

Getting Involved with God: Rediscovering the Old Testament by Ellen Davis

Davis’ book is an invitation to dig deeper into the richness of the Old Testament Scriptures as our teacher for what it means to have an intimate life with God. She explores a combination of poetry (Psalms & Ecclesiastes) and narrative literature.